Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Welcome to the Band

First Post Ever!
Well, here we go. For the past year I have been wanting to start this journey but fear of the unknown has held me back. But now I have finally gone for it and taken the plunge.

Why "Band of Savers"?
I chose to call this blog Band of Savers because I believe that finding deals and ways to save money is easier in a group setting. I know some tricks, you know some tricks,  he knows some tricks, she knows some tricks, they know even more tricks, and together we know a ton.

Therefore, my desire is to find a way to gather together our tribal knowledge and create a place for us to all share and learn from each other. So, Savers unite! Let us band together on our journey to financial freedom.

"But is it just saving advice?"
Absolutely not. There are many aspects to achieving financial freedom, saving is just one. Some of the other topics that you will find information about: investing, side income ideas, careers, book recommendations, general financial advice/insights, tools for making saving easier and more.

A little bit about us:
I am currently employed as a Program Analysis in the financial department at a small division of a large company. My wife is a stay play-at-home mom. We have two young boys and are hoping for many more.

We were married in 2010 while attending BYU. My wife graduated shortly before our first son was born in 2011, at which time we became a one income household. For the next two years I studied full-time and worked 20 hours a week. I graduated, bought our first house (20% of it anyways), and began my career in 2013, in that order. Our second son was born a year later in 2014.

We believe that there are great benefits to having a maximum of one spouse working outside of the home, and choose to make rearing children our focus. While many naysayers might make raising a family on one "average" income sound impossible in today's world, we have determined to make it work. It might not be as easy, but it's our priority so we find ways to make it happen. This blog will document some of the ways we have accomplished this in the past and follow us on this journey into the future.

I am so happy that you have decided to read about us and would like to ask that you please add to the communal knowledge by commenting on posts, sending me your idea and suggestions, or even submitting articles for us to put up as guest posts. And please make sure to subscribe to the blog as well that you can continue to recurve new information straight in your inbox.

We greatly appreciate your support. Thank you.


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You are appreciated,

                Roy Largo

        Band Of Savers Founder

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  1. Thanks for your kind comments. I have added the subscribe option as you suggested thanks. I would your contact details on the site as well. My email addy is myricketyroad@gmail.com

    Happy saving!