Saturday, October 24, 2015

Don't Give Up Fighting for Your Money

Here is one of our success stories for why it is important that you don't give up in the fight to retain your money.

When we finally had our fill of AT&T we did our due diligence to make sure that we would be able to cancel our plan without any consequences. We had been with them for three and a half years and never resigned a contact with them. We went into the local store and had one of the sales reps pull up our information to make sure that there weren't going to be any cancellation charges. He looked up our account and told us that we would be able to cancel without any charges. Therefore, we went home and ordered our new Republic Wireless phones and canceled our AT&T plan. Then a few weeks later we were shocked to see a bill from AT&T for over $100 (our normal monthly bill was only $60).

Apparently they had renewed our contact a few months after our prior contact had expired, so we had an early termination charge of $90.

We spent at least two hours on the phone with "customer services", but apparently they can't (or choose not to) serve you if you aren't a paying customer. We talked to managers, we waited on hold, we were even disconnected while waiting on hold. Eventually they told us that we would have to go back to the store that has told us it would be alright to cancel and have them call into customer services. So we dropped the issue for the night because my poor pregnant wife was getting contractions because her level of stress and frustration were going through the roof while talking to them.

We later spent over an hour in the store talking to the reps there and trying to call customer services with them. Nothing happened though. The next day we went back to the store and the message that the manager had left for us was that the best they could do was get $30 taken off.

When we got home my wife felt like she should try calling customer service again. This time she ended up getting sent to customer care instead. This was the first time that she was able to talk to someone in our hemisphere. Bobby Brown spent a long time trying to understand the full extent of the situation. He asked questions that none of the others had ever asked us. And after gaining a full understanding of the circumstances he determined that we had been wronged and that he would try to help us, even though we weren't customers anymore.

It took an hour but Bobby Brown was able to get the unjust fees removed for us.

The moral of my story is that if you know that you are in the right, don't give up. Don't let them make you doubt your cause. We had to talk to at least 8 people before we found Bobby Brown. You might have to talk to more than that but it is worth the effort because you work too hard for your money to let the big corporations take it from you.

P.S. If anyone out there knows of an AT&T customer care rep named Bobby Brown please forward a link of this article to him so he can know the difference that he made to our little penny pinching family.  

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