Sunday, October 18, 2015

Coin Finding Competition

"I bet I can find more change than you."

My wife is much more interested in physical activity that I am. And when she was pregnant with our first child all she wanted to do was walk as much as possible. During the week she got her need to walk satisfied by walking to and from campus and from class to class. But on the weekends there weren't as many miles built into her day. So after church on Sundays she was begging to go on a long walk. This never sounded very appealing to me though, Sunday is a day of rest right. But she found a way to get me out the door with her.

While trying to convince me to go on a walk one Sunday she said, "I bet I can find more change than you." And so it began. I don't remember how much each of us found on that walk but when we got home we got two jars out, labeled them, and determined our coin finding rules.

1) You can only put money that you find into your jar, earned money cannot be counted.
2) You can invest it any way you like whenever you choose to.

Pretty simple rules. But with this new motivation I was game for going on several mile walks every Sunday. At first it was a very close competition and I didn't want her to go on a walk without me because I didn't want her to have any advantage. It became more about winning than the 30 cents that we would find during 4 hours of walking.

Current Results?

We started this competition on May 14th 2011 and to date we each have the following:

Me: $56.61 = $12.65 in my jar and 7 shares in TrueCar stock currently worth $6.28 each.
Her: $24.42

So, there it is. It's never going to supplement my income but it has served as a fun competition and a lot of exercise.

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