Monday, January 4, 2016

Saving Tips: Bring your lunch to work.

For this year I'm going to try to make more, albeit shorter, posts. So I'm starting a series of short posts to give tips for ways to save money. Most of them will be simple things that just require a small level of effort and some conscious decision making. Hopefully they come across as no-brainers to you, that means that your already a certified saver and fully deserving of being part of this tribe.

So, have fun and see if there's anything that will help you save more.


I work in a corporate setting and it amazes me how many people in my office go out for lunch everyday. We never eat out because of how expensive restaurant food is so I can't even fathom doing it 5 days a week. And since of these people are also buying breakfast on their way into the office, why?

Since I don't eat out much in not sure exactly how much this could save you but I feel pretty confident that a typical lunch for someone with my appetite could easily average over $5 a day for lunch. That converts to at least $25 a week or $1,300 per year on lunches.

The choice of bringing your lunch could literally save you over $1,000 per year. Every night we make sure to cook a little extra for dinner and dish up my lunch for the next day when we portion it out at dinner time. Then all I have to do is microwave it at work. This saves me time, money, decisions, and gas since I'm not having to go drive somewhere and wait for them to prepare overpriced food.

Might I also add that our family has taken this a step father and we plan ahead and always pack a lunch if we're ever going to be away from home during lunchtime, even on road trips we back enough food for the drives.

So, if you buy lunch, try it out for a week and see how much money you can save. If you already do this AWESOME, keep it up Saver!

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  1. Lucky for me, we got a cook at work and food is subsidised. Oh the perils of life :P

    Have a good year buddy :)