Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Saving Tips: Take Public Transportation

Trying to stay true to my new resolve. Here's another little tip on how to save money, today's tip?


I understand that this one will be limited to those who live in areas where public transportation is available. I grew up in a small community where there were no public transportation options. The closest thing that we had was called the Red Apple in the larger city near us and it was a government provided bus that was only there to provide a ride home for the bars since we also didn't have any cabs.

But when we moved to a big city and lived in the suburbs but worked down town I started taking the bus everyday. It cost me $105 for a monthly pass but saved me having to buy gas (which would have been at least $100 per month), paying for parking (which my company provided for $10 per week, which was very cheap given the area), having to buy a second car and all of the costs associated with that, maintenance to the families one car, cheaper insurance since our one car wasn't being used to commute, and it allowed my to study for my actuarial exams or read during my hour long commutes.

Once a month, the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) releases a "Transit Savings Report" which shows how much an individual who switches from driving to taking public transportation, and living with one less car, can save on a monthly and yearly basis. They say that on average, a two person household can save more than $9,394 a year by downsizing to one car.

Unfortunately, I have changed jobs and no longer work down town and there is not a public transportation option for me any more, but there are still carpool options that can be taken advantage of. Another option, though one we've only heard about but have never tried personally is services like Uber, Lyft, or Sidecar. Take a look around where you live and see if there are any transportation options that you can use to save some money. Let us know what you find.

And if you already do this AWESOME, keep it up Saver!

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