Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Monthly Progress: February 2016

The first day of the month is always a big day for me with my personal finance spreadsheets. While I update them nearly everyday there are a few things that I do and track on a monthly basis, so the first day of a new month means that I get to hard code the actuals of the previous month and see how we did.

So, how'd we do...

1) Net worth: I am a bit compulsive but I actually track my net worth every morning that I work, just because I love seeing the graph it makes and knowing what's going on, and it only takes me about 10 minutes if I go slowly and analyze anything. But over the past month our net worth has increased from $145,667.12 to $148,773.62, for a total gain of $3,106.50.

2) Investment income: Another detail that I measure on a monthly basis is how much we've made (or in the case of this month, lost) due solely to our investments. This helps me to see what I would have to live off if I didn't work at all and choose to live solely off of investments. On the first of every month I document what all of our investments are worth and back out the beginning value of the previous month and all of the investments that we made during the month.

In February we started with $84,243.28, invested $1,598.07 and ended the month with $85,615.82. Meaning that, in February, we "lost" $225.53 on our investments. (Note, I wrote it as "lost" because we actually didn't have any realized losses since we still own the same amount of shares and since we didn't sell anything we didn't actually lose anything yet.)

3) Financial plan savings: I'm not going to go into the details behind the calculations on this one since it's more lengthy but you can read more about it in my post about Our Current Financial Plan. However, due to the pending expenses that I have related to my trip to climb Kilimanjaro this weekend I wasn't able to work through the calculations since I don't know the exact amounts that I owe yet. So for this month I invested all of my bonus from work like I would typically do with the left over budget money. After paying 10% tithing on the bonus we were left with $990.99 for investing. So I used $274.74 for Vanguard fund VHCOX and $274.50 for Vanguard fund VGHCX. Then called up my bank and scheduled a payment for an additional $495.50 to go to the principle on my mortgage.

So after my regular mortgage payment that automatically pays on the 1st of each month and this extra payment our mortgage dropped down to $117,840.48 today. Which means that, as of today, I actually own 32.276% (roughly 607 sq ft) of my home.

So, by and large our February turned out alright. We had some more expenses than I would have liked but it was on worthwhile purchases. The market was painful to watch but came back towards the end of the month. But we're still surviving and investing while the stock market is holding a sale. And here's to having a great March ahead of us even though I know I'll have almost $3,000 worth going towards Kilimanjaro.

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