Sunday, April 10, 2016

Republic Wireless - Upgrading service while Downgrading payments

“This is the story all about how …” we finally upgraded to using smartphones and saved hundreds at Republic Wireless.

This has probably been our best financial move in the past year for several reasons. For the first four years of our married lives we had the same AT&T plan that my wife had before we got married. We thought that we did pretty good at making sure that we found the cheapest phone coverage possible but ended up with little flip phones that could only make calls. We shared 550 minutes (but got free nights and weekends) with no texting or data and paid about $75 per month.

But last year we finally got fed up with paying so much to receive so little. So we made the switch to Republic Wireless and in the past year it has saved us over $300 on top of the expenses associated with making the switch.

Both my wife and I got the Moto G with otterbox cases and it cost us $411.74 for everything. But since then we have only paid $23.44 per month for unlimited text, calls, and data (as long as the data is coming from WiFi). This means that we are saving over $50 per month compared to the “cheapest plan out there” that we had found before. At this rate it only took us 8 months to recoup the cost of investing in the phones.   

Yes, you do have to purchase your phone out right at the beginning, but then it is all yours. When you get a phone from one of the major cell providers they give you a big discount on the phone because they charge you so much in the contractual plan that you pay for the cost several times over before they will let you be eligible for a new one. When you buy a Republic Wireless phone you don’t have this problem, you only pay for the phone once. And we retain some of our savings in our bank account in case we have to replace a phone out of pocket.

What's the coverage like though?: Great! When you are around WiFi all of your calls are made through WiFi (this if how they can provide coverage for so cheap since the typical American had WiFi available to them the majority of the day.) This is a huge perk for those who live in an area with poor cell coverage, since as long as you have WiFi at home you'll never drop a call.

If WiFi isn't available the phone will use Verizon's network. But if there's no Verizon coverage it will use Sprint's network. By renting network space like this you end up assuring that you have better coverage than Verizon or Sprint's networks alone.

In the past year, the only time that I have noticed "less than ideal" coverage is when I am at the outermost border of my WiFi connection. I've found that it will sometimes have a hard time when it tries to switch back and forth between WiFi and cellular coverage. But it's usually not bad, definitely not worth paying $600 a year for.

Now, I understand that it might not be the best option for everyone; ie. if you are so attached to you iPhone that you can't imagine what it would be like to save thousands of dollars a year. But if you enjoy keeping money in your pocket I would strongly suggest checking them out and looking into it yourself. Let me know if you have any specific questions about them (I did a lot of research before switching over because it took me a while to believe that their claim wasn’t too good to be true).


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  1. We love Republic Wireless! I'm glad you guys have use them too. We made the switch in 2014 and still use the same phones. We were using Straight Talk through walmart before, for $65/month 1000 texts and minutes on little flip phones. Upgrade for cheaper? yes please!!
    We are in the Cincinnati area too, it's great to read your stories! You are inspiring!

    1. Thank you Jessica, your words of encouragement mean so much to us. It's great to hear that you are already taking advantage of these products.