Monday, June 27, 2016

Saving Tips: Rent Movies from the Library

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of our tips for saving money that we have been using. Since I have a huge list of topics that I keep wanting to discuss but a shortage of time to put them together I figured that I’d do a quick and simple one to start off this week.


Rent Movies from the Library

First off, we’ve never had cable or any form on broadcasted TV. For the first several years of our marriage (6 years ago) we only watched old VHS movies. We found an old VHS player at a yard sale for a dollar and could pick up movies for it for 50 cents or cheaper, and often people would just donate them to us since they wanted to get rid of them. We eventually inherited a back-up VHS player that we keep around for when the one breaks because we now have a whole VHS collection of Disney movies for the boys that I don’t have to worry about them scratching (they have yet to destroy one).

But the downside of this was that all of the movie that we watched were really old. It wasn’t until moving out east that we began using our local library and found that they have a whole section of DVDs that you can check out. It’s awesome. Now we can check out new releases for FREE for 8 days at a time, beats the heck out of red box.

They have sections for New Releases, Documentaries, Non-“New” Releases, Kids, and TV Series. Plus with the interlibrary loans you can request basically any movie and they will send it over for you. I had no idea what we were missing out on.

Now it has become a standard for us to make at least one movie run to the library each week. The boys can check out all the little kid shows that they want and I don’t care because it’s free. If we are having a hard time deciding what movie to get we can get a couple and choose when we get home; and if we end up never getting around to watching one or more of them? – who cares, they were free.

A few weeks ago my wife decided that she wanted to learn some French so she found some movies that were made to teach French to kids. I think that we renewed it 6 times which means that we had it for almost 2 months – for free. And it’s pretty cool to hear our 2 year old accidentally say something in French instead of English, except that I had to have my 5 year old translate for me so that I would know what he was saying. 

So, todays challenge is to go get a library card (if you don’t already have one) and start taking advantage of the free services that your taxes are paying for.


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