Sunday, July 17, 2016

Saving Tips: Ask For Discounts

This is going to be a pretty short post but I just wanted to let you all know about a little trick that we just discovered to save an additional 25% off of your total purchase at Kohl's.
Let me fill you in on the back story a bit. My wife likes to walk, a lot. So she had literally walked through the soles of her shoes before telling me that she needed a new pair of running shoes.

Our plan was to get her a new pair from Kohl's for her birthday but ended up waiting until Black Friday because we got a 15% off coupon in my email for the week of Thanksgiving. We went on the day before Thanksgiving and picked out the pair she wanted and had them put them on hold for us so that nobody else would take them first. When we put them on reserve the sale price had then marked at $84.99 but on black Friday they find up at $49.99 (and yes, I did wait in a line for about 45 minutes). Then we applied the 15% off coupon we had and ended up paying about $42.50 for the shoes. We also had to get something else that my wife was in dire need of, so our total bill was a little over $50 which qualified us for $15 off any purchase we made the following week.
So, the next week we went to get something for Christmas that we could use the $15 on. After much deliberation my wife decided that we should get me a new electric razor for Christmas. I picked out a few options and my wife looked at the prices and made the decision of which one to get. It was originally $199.99 on sale for $99.99. Then the Kohl's cash took off $15.
Now the totally awesome part. We simply asked the cashier if there were any other discounts that we should be aware of that could be applied. Her response? "Of course." Then she scanned something by her register and our bill became 25% less. Just like that, we were shocked. We were expecting her to look at us skeptically and say no but she didn't.  
When I got in the car I was looking over the receipt and noticed that the 25% off was labeled and the "Friends and Family Discount". We had never met this girl and will probably never see her again but she let us in on her friend discount just because we asked.
Moral of the story? Be friendly to the cashiers and ask for discounts because you never know what you might get out of it.


  1. This is a fantastic tip Roy. I can't tell you how many times we've asked if there are any coupons out right now, when we've gone to check out, and received some kind of discount. Simply asking, coupled with a little friendliness can go a long way!

    1. Yes, can't forget the friendliness, otherwise your just a cheap jerk that nobody is going to want to help out. One of my brother-in-laws has mastered this friendliness piece and it seems like he is always stumbling into amazing deals because of it. I love hanging out with him because it's always a great learning experience.