Saturday, August 20, 2016

Quick Debt Survey

Hey all, can you help me? I have a quick survery that I was hoping you guys would take a few minutes to fill out for me. These questions that I have listed below were given to me on a preparedness survey that I saw recently. I already have several responses from it but was hoping that you guys would help me collect some additional data on the subject. In a hope to build your trust in me I'm going to share my answers with all of you.

All information that is shared with my will be kept confidential. Please email responses to

1) Are you debt free?   Yes or No.  (I am not debt free :( )

2) What type of debt do you have (select an that apply):
     Home mortgage     (yes, $111k)
     Car                            (no)
     Credit Card             (no)
     Student Loans        (no)
     Other                        (no)

3) Are you actively following a plan to become debt-free?     (Yes, additional information found here)

4) Estimate how many years/months before you become debt free.     (25 months is our stretch goal, 60 months is our worst case deadline)

5) Age     (29)

6) Country     (USA)

Hope seeing my answers was helpful to you, and hopefully we can get enough to make some significant observations that I can let you all know about.

Thank you Savers

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