Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Saving Tips: Ask For A Sales Price Adjustment

*I'm really disappointed in myself that I didn't think to take a "before" picture, but this is the completed product. Cost: $168.28 and about 30 hours of labor.

I came across this saving tip be accident the other day. I had heard about it but never had an opportunity (that I was aware of) to try it out. But when I did get the chance it saved me a quick $10.84.

Ask for a Sales Price Adjustment

A few weeks ago my wife informed me that her and the boys were going to go visit her dad for his birthday. The plan was to leave on a weekend and return sometime the next weekend. I remember when I was a kid and any time that my mom was away on a trip to visit her parents like this that my dad would always surprise her and do a big project around the house while she was gone. So, following my dad’s example I started making plans to re-do the shelving systems in our master bedroom.

There really wasn’t much there in the first place, 3 shelves and 3 coat racks between the two closets. So it didn’t really utilize much of the available space and required us to also use dressers. This post really wasn’t intended to be about my closet project.

But long story short I had to buy 6 sheets of ¾” white melamine from Menard's for the project. They rang up at $32 each and I ended up spending $204 on them after taxes. Because I did such a great job planning out my intended cuts and didn’t make any mistakes I was able to get away with only using 5 of the 6 sheets which saved my $34.16 when I returned it.

But here is where it gets interesting. The next day I happened to be back at Menard's and noticed that the same pieces of melamine that I had just bought to $32 each were labeled at only $29.97 each. So the next day I stopped by on my way home from work, armed with my receipt, just to see if there was anything that they could do for me. I had heard about the policies that some stores had about retrospectively giving you the lower price if the price drops within a certain amount of time after the purchase but I wasn’t sure how legit it was or if Menard's would do it.

But all I had to do was ask Customer Services about it (I found out that it was referred to as a Sales Price Adjustment) and just like that they gave me $10.84 back since it was under 2 weeks since the time of purchase. It literally took me about 5 minutes and basically no effort, can’t beat that. All it really took was paying attention to the prices.

For smaller purchases this might be a little harder to keep an eye on all the prices that you paid versus the current prices, but for large items this could really come in handy. And it makes me wonder if there is a good way to use this to cash-in on Black Friday deals without having to deal with the Black Friday mayhem? Has anyone out there tried that out yet?

Take Home Challenge: Next time you have to make a larger purchase try holding onto the receipt and paying attention to see if the price happens to drop in the near future so that you can go in and claim your free money. 

Or, if you shop online you should look into signing up for Paribus because they will do this same thing for you automatically with your online purchases. They will use your order confirmations to keep a track of the prices of the items that you purchased and if they can find a price change they will go get the refund for you (keeping a small percentage for themselves of course) then send you a check for the money that they saved you. And they are free to you if they can’t find you and money.

*Note: I have Paribus set up but I shop online so rarely (twice in the past year) that it actually hasn’t saved me any money yet. But since it is free to have set up I leave it there to provide me with some piece of mind for when I do have to buy something online. 

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