Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Travel Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Hey all. I don’t travel all that much, mainly because of the perceived costs associated with it. So in looking for ways for you to save some money on travel related expenses we’ve called in the experts to speak about the experience that I lack. With that I’ll turn the time over to Dan to tell you all about the great solution that he has found to alleviate the financial strains caused by exploring the world.

“As you know, vacations cost families a lot of money. You'll need to pay for a flight, rental car, hotel, activities, souvenirs, and lastly food. All that adds up fast when you're trying to budget for that family vacation.

How much does it cost to go on vacation? 

Let's say you want to take the family of 4 to Disney World in Orlando for 7 nights. We'll go ahead and price out the hotel and car rental portions of the trip using a major travel website.

Comfort Inn Maingate: $1,039.54 x 2 rooms = $2,079.08

Car Rental: 
Full-Size Car through Dollar Car Rental: $259.95

So just the hotel and car rental alone will be $2,339.03. That doesn't include flights, park tickets, food, and souvenirs. The question you're probably asking yourself is "where can I find a better price?".

Something very few people know is that the major travel companies have spent millions on advertising to convince you that their sites offer discounted prices on travel. The truth is that they are pretty much the same as their competitors. That's because they're contractually obligated to charge the same price. The hotels and other companies don't really want to compete on pricing so they force anyone selling their products to sell it at the same price they do. Is there an alternative option that offers genuine discounts on travel? My answer is yes.

Here's where it gets good. 

That alternative is called Vacation Savings Dollars. They offer discounted hotels, car rentals, cruises, flights, and activities. Vacation Savings Dollarsreceives wholesale rates from their providers up to 50% off the major travel websites and pass those savings onto you. Before we go too much further, let's run that same example using Vacation Savings Dollars.

Comfort Inn Maingate: $539.55 x 2 rooms = $1,079.10

Car Rental: 
Full-Size Car through Dollar Car Rental: $244.18

The total through Vacation Savings Dollars is $1,323.28. That's a savings of $1,015.75, which amounts to 43% off the major travel websites. How can they do this you ask? They require that you sign up for a FREE membership which allows them to get around the contractual obligation of price matching. There are no blackout dates or hidden fees, and they provide a 110% price guarantee. If you find prices cheaper elsewhere then they'll credit you 110% of the difference.

In 2015, $947.1 billion was spent on travel in the United States. By using Vacation Savings Dollars you can make yourself a smaller part of that statistic. The membership is free and there's no obligation to buy anything. There's no reason not to sign up today, so check out Vacation Savings Dollars for yourself, you won't regret it.”

Thanks Dan. I know that I love places that I can easily check to see if I can find a better rate for something that I am planning to do. I figured that this looked like a good option for quenching some of my concerns and I hope that you all find them useful in the future as you plan out your next trip.


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