Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Saving Tips: Bring Your Own Ibuprofen to the Hospital

Shortly before my Junior year at college my wife and I were preparing to welcome our first child. As poor college students trying to make ends meet on my part-time campus job we were looking for any ideas that would save us some money. Thankfully the OBGYN in this college town was use to this situation and was able to provide us with some suggestions that would save us some money on our hospital bills.

Bring your own Ibuprofen to the hospital

Our doctor informed us that we should go out and buy a bottle of Ibuprofen to keep in our hospital bag before giving birth. He told us that after the birth the nurses will administer 800 mg doses of Ibuprofen that will add upwards of $20 per pill to our hospital bill every couple of hours. However, there is nothing to stop you from going out and buying a whole bottle of 200 mg tablets from Walmart and taking 4 instead. Just tell them you brought your own and they’ll tell you when to take them.
I think that we ended up spending about $15 on a 500 count bottle that got us through 2 births and about 4 years of headaches.

While this little trick might not have saved us as much as this one, it did save us a few hundred bucks at a time when we were just starting down the path to financial security.

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