Tuesday, January 10, 2017

10 Great Tax Deductions

With the closing of a year the time to start preparing for tax season has arrived. This can be a time of joy, dread, or anywhere in between. I typically see it as a time to put off starting taxes until mid March when I finally sit down for a few hours and crank it all out and see how much of the money I've been loaning the government will come back to us.

The goal of the game is always the same. How much can you legally get back from them? And since deductions are where this game is won and lost we have a nice cheat sheet for you today.

A member of our Band here reached out to me with a helpful graphic that he created and thought it would be a good resource for everyone here. After looking at it myself I learned about a few new tax deductions that I look forward to using in the future. I hope that you all find it helpful as well.

Thank you Eddie for the great reminders.
10 overlooked tax deductions
by Wheels For Wishes

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