Monday, March 20, 2017

Money Quote of the Day – March 20th, 2017

I wish I actually did a money quote each day but I haven’t found the time for that. But I did hear a good one today that I felt like I needed to share.

“Companies aren’t families, they're battlefields in a civil war” ~ Charles Duhigg – The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

This is an awesome book about habits and human behavior. I strongly recommend it. But the quote above hit me because of the struggles I’ve been having at work recently. When I was first brought into this department there were some co-workers that I really liked end enjoyed working with, and I felt appreciated and valued. I felt like I had friends within the organization and that we would do our best to take care of each other. But there was a culture already established higher up that drove them off.

One by one I watched them leave and the toxicity spread. I tried to hold onto the idea that my managers and co-workers still valued and respected loyalty and would stick up for each other. But I’ve found that to be a flawed concept and utterly untrue.

In this book I am at a point where the author is discussing the habits that corporations develop over time and how people often think that the executives make conscious decisions on which habits to build. But in truth, organizational habits form by themselves based on the cultures within the organization. People think that the whole company is working together towards a common goal of increasing profits for the company. But in truth, there are fractures and fiefdoms all throughout the organization that pits people and departments against each other. The nature of corporations drives people to have to look out for their best interest and trying to get as far ahead of their competition as possible, even if this is a co-worker, an employee, or a rival manager. This fast nearly always results in business decisions that aren’t in the best interest of the employees or the business as a whole.

I hate corporate games. I hate that the people who play the games the best get paid the most, regardless of their value to the company. I am naturally a very loyal person and don’t want to feel like I’m screwing over my benefactors just because I want to win the game. But now I’m realizing the fact that these people are not here to keep my best interest in mind and that they see this as a battlefield and I’m an enemy that needs to be overcome.

So here’s my resolve to suit up, go to war, and challenge the worth that they have assigned to me. I am worth more than $61,749 per year and the 40% increase in work load I accepted over the past year is worth more than the 2% pay raise they assigned to me. How about you?

This is our war – Let’s get em’!


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