1. Welcome to the Band
2. Refinancing: Episode 1
3. Refinancing: Episode 2
4. Coin Finding Competition
5. Prophetic Money Council from the October 2015 General Conference
6. Don't Give Up Fighting for Your Money
7. DIY Savings: Toilet vs. Man
8. Birthday Goals Evaluation
9. My Wonderful Wife
10. Quick Money Quote
11. Our Current Financial Plan
12. Saving Tips: Hot Water Heaters
13. "He's obviously a werewolf!"
14. The Rule of 72
15. 15 Financial Calculators to Play With
16. An Attitude of Gratitude
17. "Mind Over Money" Book Review
18. Cocoa Nights
19. My Arbitrage Opportunity - Free Money
20. Professional Actors Needed
21. Giving Yourself a Pat on the Back
22. Saving Tips: Bring your lunch to work
23. Saving Tips: Take Public Transportation
24. Saving Tips: Ask Questions
25. How much do I really make per hour?
26. Saving Tips: Turn Off The Lights
27. Money Quotes: Financial Growth
28. What I Wish I Had Learned In High School
29. Monthly Progress: January
30. "New" Car Purchase
31. Saving Tips: Only Go Grocery Shopping Once a Week
32. Saving Tips: Check Your Tire Pressure
33. When Your Money Goes On STRIKE!
34. Monthly Progress: February 2016
35. Finally Finished My Taxes
36. Monthly Progress: March 2016
37. What Is Your Motivation?
38. Republic Wireless - Upgrading service while Downgrading Payments
39. Save 40% on Your Groceries with One Change
40. Saving Tips: Reducing Energy Use in the Kitchen
41. Finding the time to work on Goals
42. Monthly Progress: April 2016
43. Developing Your Action Outline
44. Saving Tips: Look for Free Activities/Offers
45. Stay Focused on the Task at Hand 
46. SMART Goal Setting
47. How To Reduce Your Hospital Bills
48. Investing Terms to Know (Reference Material)
49. Monthly Progress: May 2016
50. The Power of Compounding
51. Market Capitalization
52. Can a drop in the stock market be good?
53. Digit: Make Saving Money Easy Again!
54. Destroying Other People's Credit Cards - Because it's the right thing to do
55. Doom and Gloom? Bring It On Brexit
56. Saving Tips: Rent Movies from the Library
57. Allergy Relief Ideas?
58. Monthly Progress: June 2016
59. Saving Tips: Install a Low Flow Showerhead
60. Active Investing vs. Passive Investing
61. "Make Me A Millionaire!" - Warning: Writing this almost made me vomit
62. Saving Tips: Ask For Discounts 
63. Finding My Career Path
64. "Financial Tips For You In 10 Minutes Or Less"
65. Cutting Out Unneeded Expenses
66. Saving Your Way Out Of Debt
67. Monthly Progress: July 2016
68. 10 Things Duck Tales Taught Me About Money
69. Saving Tips: Ask For A Sales Price Adjustment
70. Entrepreneur? Getting Started With Your Federal Tax ID
71. Quick Debt Survey
72. My Target Graphs
73. Travel Doesn't Have To Be Expensive
74. Monthly Progress: August 2016
75. Overcoming Money Stress
76. Which is the Wiser Choice – Buying a New Car or Making Your Existing Car Last
77. What Are Mutual Funds?
78. Make Money Selling Your Poop!
79. Monthly Progress: September 2016
80. When a Benefit becomes a Detriment
81. Travel Hacking
82. Getting To Know Me
83. Monthly Progress: October 2016
84. Birthday Goals Evaluation: Year 2
85. What Are We Missing?
86. Monthly Progress: November 2016
87. Advice for Saving Money During the Holidays
88. Saving Tips: Bring Your Own Ibuprofen to the Hospital
89. Saving Tips: Maintain a Constant Thermostat Temperature
90. Why I LOVE the Winter Solstice
91. How much does it cost to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro?
92. Merchant Account Solutions
93. Monthly Progress: December 2016
94. 10 Great Tax Deductions
95. Saving Tips: Keep Your Furnace Clean
96. Saving Tips: Don't Put Yourself in a Dangerous Situation
97. Trump and Obama Net Worth
98. 401(k) Contribution Limits
99. Dow Breaks New Milestone!
100. Saving Tips: Use OverDrive to Access Free Media
101. Monthly Progress: January 2017
102. How To Pick The Right Wealth Management Company For You
103. How To Conquer Credit Card Debt
104. Financial Advice From An Old Farmer
105. #FinancialFails - The Dishwasher Dilemma
107. Monthly Progress: February 2017
108. Saving Tips: Look for Free Clothing Bins
109. What Happens To Your Credit Score When You Settle A Debt?
110. 10 Signs You Should Invest In Trading
111. Money Quote of the Day – March 20th, 2017

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