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Here at Band Of Savers one of our goals is to build a tribe where we can all pitch in and help each other. I know that I don't have all of the answers and doubt that anyone else does, but the more we work together and share the answers that we do have the closer we can all get to a solution. Personal finances might be a "personal" matter but I like to think of it kind of like doing a giant puzzle when all you have is a mountain of puzzle pieces. It can seem really confusing at times and a bit overwhelming not knowing where to start, but the more people you have offering insights and helping on it the sooner you will start to see progress and the big picture taking shape.

Brother and Sisters, I don't want this to just be a place to share my own insights, I want yours as well. Please reach out to me and help others by sharing your experiences as well. I would like to thank those who have already contributed their expertise in the articles listed below.

Now is when I issue the call. Now is the time to unite, stand up, band together. Because by building a tribe we can save together. What you have to share can help all of us and maybe it'll be your words, thoughts, knowledge, inspiration, ideas; you that will hit home with someone you'll never meet but will change the course of their life forever - for the better. Because by building a tribe we can save each other.

Dan Sifuentes of Vacation Savings Dollars. Vacation Savings Dollars is a travel platform that allows you to find deals better than anywhere else on the internet. They receive wholesale rates and pass them onto you. All you have to do is sign up for a FREE membership to take advantage of the amazing offers. Dan is an older Millennial who is tired of working the 8-5 and dreaming of a brighter future. Passive income is his goal so that he can have plenty of free time to hike, travel, and have adventures. He is origionally from Kansas City but has made a home in Nashville. He loves exercise and the outdoors. and 
Articles: Travel Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Darrell Yazzie is a childhood friend of mine. Currently living in northern New Mexico where he works in the oil fields. On the weekends he spends most of his free time helping Grandma on the Rez and trending the sheeps. Most would consider him to be an unexpected wealth of information but I've learned to take his advice seriously. An all-around great guy who is constantly looking for a laugh.
ArticlesSaving Tips: Use OverDrive to Access Free Media

Rebecca Riviera is a small town girl from the South who grew up in a family with hardly any personal finance skills. Now she spends her time writing about finance to help others manage their money!
ArticlesHow To Conquer Credit Card Debt

Andrew Burgess; Andrew helps several separate clients and their PR teams. This charming chap is a true Renaissance Man, possesses a wealth of information, and is an absolute delight to talk to. If your trying to get a small business up and going this is your man.
ArticlesEntrepreneur? Getting Started With Your Federal Tax ID
              Merchant Account Solutions

Ethan Rockford: Ethan is our car guy from the UK. He has a great accent and beautiful hair. In this article he helps discuss some of the ways that we can save money by extending the life of our vehicles and some good tips on how we can do that.
ArticlesWhich is the Wiser Choice – Buying a New Car or Making Your Existing Car Last

Stacy B Miller is associated with Oak View Law Group as a content editor for the last 6 years. Ever since she has started writing articles, she has always tried to spread financial awareness amongst her readers since debt is still a dangerous disease in the country. You can connect with her at Facebook 
ArticlesWhat Happens To Your Credit Score When You Settle A Debt?

Michael Kuchar: A founder of, a website which guides people thru Binary options and forex trading every step of the way. He is a husband, a brother, a friend, and most importantly a professional trader.  Michael contributes to our site with the one thing that he is best at; articles about trading.
Articles10 Signs You Should Invest In Trading

Sam is an accredited demolitions explosives engineer by day where she makes the money to support her hobby of being a certified ninja by night. According to her there is nothing that can bring more joy into your life than "blowing up a building and kicking a drug runner in the face, all in the same day." While her writing preferences are typically just to dabble with rhymes as she seeks to launch her side gig as a nerdcore rapper she has agreed to take a short hiatus from her lyrics to write out this article for us.
Articles: How To Pick The Right Wealth Management Company For You

Stephanie Powell: Steph is a content writer on the Blue Anchor team, covering topics relating to money, investing, business and finance. She specializes in online article copywriting and has produced work for countless blogs over her 6 years of writing for the online community. She has a particular interest in psychology and behavior when it comes to people and money and enjoys looking to the past for lessons that can be learnt from history.”


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    1. Dave/Louis - please note that you've given me no way to contact you in the message that you left above. If you would like to open a correspondence with me the best way to do that is by sending me an email by filling out the "Contact Me" section found in the right hand margin.