Saving Tips (30 and counting)

Here at Band of Savers we love to save money, both the old fashioned ways and in new and innovative ways. These are the articles and information that we like to focus a lot of attention to it and hope that you can use it to keep some of your hard earned money in your own accounts as a result. I know that this list could be endless but as I write up articles I will continue to add them to the list.

Here is a list of the Saving Tips articles that we have featured on Band of Savers. Let me know what your tips are and we can get them written up and added to the list, especially if you don't live in America.

1 - Shop at Aldi - Save 40% on Groceries

2 - Automate Savings with Digit

3 - Republic Wireless - Phone Services

4 - Hot Water Heaters

5 - Bring Your Lunch to Work

6 - Take Public Transportation

7 - Ask Questions

8 - Turn the Lights Off

9 - Only Go Grocery Shopping Once a Week

10 - Check Your Tire Pressure

11 - Reducing Energy Use in the Kitchen

12 - Look for Free Activities/Offers

13 - How To Reduce Your Hospital Bills

14 - Rent  Movies from the Library

15 - Install a Low Flow Showerhead

16 - Ask For Discounts

17 - Ask For A Sales Price Adjustment

18 - Use Discount Travel Sites

19 - Perform Regular Car Maintenance

20 - Try Travel Hacking

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